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The Ka Nui Conference Declaration

We, tangata whenua and community activists from around Aotearoa, gathered at Mataikotare Marae on 26 August 2012 to network against extractive industries, declare, ka nui! Enough!

All people rely on the Earth for our survival and bear a responsibility towards Papatuanuku, all living things and future generations.  We do not believe ours should be the generation that strips all the resources from the Earth and leaves nothing for our mokopuna?

We commit to limiting our own consumption to ensure the survival and wellbeing of all life.

We will build our own future that will uphold the Declaration of Independence and Te Tīriti ō Waitangi.

We will create real jobs that grow healthy communities.

Therefore we say to the mining and drilling industries and the government ka nui! Enough!

Enough of companies exploiting the land, poisoning the air, water and sea, and compromising our climate.

Enough of governments, councils and the courts putting the profits of a few before the wellbeing of this world.

We will oppose your exploitation.

We will defend our communities and the earth.

We challenge everyone to join us to begin building a sustainable future.

And so again we say, ka nui! Enough!

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2 thoughts on “Declaration

  1. All the best with enacting your declaration. Hopefully, the government and the industries will listen and do something but not likely. Alternatively, more people will see the fatal conclusion of the current destruction and depletion of resources and species through our current practices and will join you in your position and action.

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